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Top 10 Reasons We Like Mini Golf Fairbanks Better Than Online Mini Golf

Posted in Humor, Top Ten List by Administrator on the March 15th, 2009

Here are the top ten reasons we prefer Mini Golf on the green to Mini Golf on the screen…

10. You will have the full attention of your fellow golfers and won’t be tempted to check your email in the middle of the game.

9. Pleasant golf course conversation is preferable to the annoying gambling pop-ups which dampen the online experience.

8. The delightful and friendly staff in the clubhouse.

7. The smell of fresh buttered popcorn which tags along with you for 36 holes and has you drooling on your shirt by the time you get past the windmill.

6. Fresh air, moderate exercise, and the chattering of the squirrels in Pioneer Park – or your musty cubicle at work. You choose.

5. Carousel music, the soundtrack of your game, is more stimulating than the click of your mouse.

4. The freezer is FULL of popsicles.

3. Move your arms, move your legs, and get some great putting practice in while you’re at it. More likely to get your heart rate up than lining up your imaginary putt on an imaginary course in cyberspace.

2. Two for one coupons and weekly specials make this affordable family entertainment.

1. Ten different colored balls for you to choose from!

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