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Fairbanks Grizzlies Rock

Posted in special offers by Administrator on the June 6th, 2009

In support of the Fairbanks Grizzlies and their super-charged fans, we are offering a ticket-stub promotion. Bring your ticket stub from any 2009 Fairbanks Grizzlies home game and get free popcorn when you play Mini Golf.

And we do make great popcorn!

In association with the Grizzlies and with a special appearance by the Lady Grizzlies, Mini Golf Fairbanks will be hosting a Meet and Greet for American Youth Football players to meet their coaches and teammates, pick up their gear, and play a round of Mini Golf. Players will receive their Golf and Give cards to share with their families and friends. For every card redeemed at Mini Golf, we will make a donation to AYF. Golf and Give cards can be redeemed for the Special of the Week which will be displayed weekly on our website.

Go Grizzlies!