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New Season Approaching

Posted in Uncategorized, news, school groups by Administrator on the April 1st, 2010

I smell Spring! We are gearing up for the start of the season 2010 as the snow disappears. We are expecting great weather, lots of fun events, and many improvements on the course.

We have challenged ourselves to improve upon the fantastic gardens
that grew last summer. We had a couple of generous seed planters contribute their time and talents and we send a large thank you to Stan and Louise Fedorchuk, Holly Poland, and Pam Mulka for all their help starting seeds.

Would you like to be part of our team?

We are looking for 15 classrooms to join us in our efforts; we will reward teams of seed starters, planters, and
gardeners with Mini Golf rewards and loads of appreciation. We want to hear from you.

That gorgeous weather we had last year is returning and we are waiting impatiently.

See you soon on the course – we open for school groups May 10, 2010.

School Groups Mini Golf in the Classroom

Posted in school groups, special offers by Administrator on the March 20th, 2009

Hi Teachers and Students,
The educational aspects of Mini Golf are not to be overlooked. Aside from the fresh air, exercise, comeraderie, social opportunity, and fun factor; Mini Golf offers a wonderful setting for mathematics at work.

Tabulation of scores on our Mini Golf Fairbanks scorecard requires careful and accurate addition. Here is a website that creates a scorecard for practice adding that long column of 36 numbers.

The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Here’s how one teacher used Mini Golf to illustrate and illuminate that principle

We hope these lesson ideas will be useful to classroom teachers planning to visit us for our School Group Special beginning May 11, 2009. Be sure to reserve early!

School Groups Special Offer – Spring is Coming!

Posted in school groups by Administrator on the March 11th, 2009

Hi teachers! Hi students!

Mini Golf Fairbanks would like to invite you and your snowbound students to a special Spring Mini Golf outing. We will open May 11, 2009 for School Groups and welcome your class for a day of fun and sport.

The special price for School Groups will be $3 per student for 36 holes – what a bargain and what a wonderful opportunity to say hello to Spring at Pioneer Park!

Make your visit to the Park extra special by preparing your students with a contest for the Top Ten Reasons to Play Mini Golf. Submit your entries and we will choose one winner from all entries received to host a Class Mini Golf reunion during the summer. Many teachers in the past have dedicated the day to a picnic, mini golf, a long play at the park, races, and a cleverly crafted scavenger hunt.

Get more information at
We look forward to seeing you! Please contact us to reserve to avoid disappointment!

Did you hear that green sprouting sound? The ground is definitely waking up!