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Hiring Summer Help – Dynamos Wanted

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the April 1st, 2010

We are looking for some amazing team members to cater to our guests this summer. Fine, character individuals to enthusiastically greet our golfers, serve them snacks, and applaud their efforts.

Send us an email for more information,

New Season Approaching

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I smell Spring! We are gearing up for the start of the season 2010 as the snow disappears. We are expecting great weather, lots of fun events, and many improvements on the course.

We have challenged ourselves to improve upon the fantastic gardens
that grew last summer. We had a couple of generous seed planters contribute their time and talents and we send a large thank you to Stan and Louise Fedorchuk, Holly Poland, and Pam Mulka for all their help starting seeds.

Would you like to be part of our team?

We are looking for 15 classrooms to join us in our efforts; we will reward teams of seed starters, planters, and
gardeners with Mini Golf rewards and loads of appreciation. We want to hear from you.

That gorgeous weather we had last year is returning and we are waiting impatiently.

See you soon on the course – we open for school groups May 10, 2010.


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It is almost as if Jack had tossed a handful of his magic seeds out our clubhouse window. Sixteen amazing stalks are stretching their long green necks out of Mini Golf Fairbanks soil towards the majestic midnight sun. Leaves the size of elephant ears and puckered buds appearing daily; we are bracing ourselves for the appearance of their sunshiney faces.

Stop by Mini Golf and check out our sunflowers and a big round of thanks for the dedicated gardening team of ours who have contributed so much love, water, and attention to the sunflower efforts. And special thanks to the real “Jacks” Holly Poland and Pam Mulka for contributing so generously to our gardening efforts.

Independence Day 2009

Posted in news, special offers by Administrator on the July 7th, 2009

Thank you to all the folks who came out to Pioneer Park July 4 to celebrate Independence Day. We welcomed over 6,500 guests with blooming flowers, heaping plates of apple pie with ice cream, and 36 holes of Alaskan Adventure. OK, maybe not all 6,500 came to play golf on Saturday – but young and old, ragged and refined, patriotic and just hungry; you came.

The festivities aboard the Riverboat Nenana were a fine kick-off for the day’s events which featured fine foods, wonderful music, storytelling at the Gazebo, and all kinds of games and the kids’ parade.

Thank you for coming to see us and for those Military families who were asking about Military Appreciation Day; you will be invited to be our guests in August! Check back on our calendar for exact dates.

Fairbanks Grizzlies Rock

Posted in special offers by Administrator on the June 6th, 2009

In support of the Fairbanks Grizzlies and their super-charged fans, we are offering a ticket-stub promotion. Bring your ticket stub from any 2009 Fairbanks Grizzlies home game and get free popcorn when you play Mini Golf.

And we do make great popcorn!

In association with the Grizzlies and with a special appearance by the Lady Grizzlies, Mini Golf Fairbanks will be hosting a Meet and Greet for American Youth Football players to meet their coaches and teammates, pick up their gear, and play a round of Mini Golf. Players will receive their Golf and Give cards to share with their families and friends. For every card redeemed at Mini Golf, we will make a donation to AYF. Golf and Give cards can be redeemed for the Special of the Week which will be displayed weekly on our website.

Go Grizzlies!

Fairbanks Day is June 3, 2009

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Pioneer Park hosts Fairbanks Day, June 3, 2009. Come out and meet your community at the Park. Pickup your free coupon book from uniformed park guides and redeem the many offerings from Park merchants. Come to Mini Golf Fairbanks and receive a free popsicle when you play mini golf and present your coupon. All completed coupons will be entered in drawings for prize baskets donated by Park merchants.

Come out and play!


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Mini Golf Fairbanks has been rocking all weekend with some pretty big tremors rattling our canoe-paddle windmill and distracting our brown bears from their important task of fishing for silver salmon on the first hole of the Alaskan course. One guest reported seeing Chocolate (the bear closest to the clubhouse) actually look around to see what was causing all that rumbling.

We are glad to report no damage from the quakes. Our 36-holes are intact and the popcorn machine continues to pop great golden popcorn for hungry golfers.

Stop by and see us in person or check out our calendar for all the upcoming events at the course and in the Park.

Open For the Season!

Posted in special offers by Administrator on the May 31st, 2009

You can put away the plastic cup, ramps, and plumbing pipes that have been covering the floor of your livingroom all winter: because Mini Golf Fairbanks is open for 2009! All the wonderful weather we’ve been having here in the great State of Alaska has melted the piles of snow and dried up the puddles left behind.

Mini Golf is open most days 10-4pm, so please call ahead to confirm. Pioneer Park and the rest of the merchants will open Memorial Day weekend.

The best news, besides the renovations and painting going on today, is our generous preseason price of just $3 per person to play all 36 holes! Come out and play!

Except for the naughty little squirrel who found a way into our supply shed and shredded all the paper products! You, little rascal, will have to pay full price!

Earth Hour – Our Lights Were Out

Posted in Humor by Administrator on the April 1st, 2009

OK Mini Golf Enthusiasts? Are you also green?

Mini Golf Fairbanks took an officially green stance (despite the white and sparkling appearance of the greens this time of year) during Earth Hour this year. From 8:30-9:30pm on Saturday, March 28, 2009 we joined almost a billion earthlings and left our lights off.

“People were inspired across the country and around the globe as monuments such as the CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Acropolis and the Empire State Building went dark. This year we welcomed new participation from people in countries such as India and China, and welcomed back the countries that celebrated Earth Hour in 2008. ” The rest of the story is at

The truth is, dear golfers, that our lights have been off all winter and we are raring to get back on the course for a fantastic Mini Golf 2009 Season.

Plan to join us! And book now for opening specials starting May 12.

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